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As you´ve probably already guessed, my name is Marianne, I am 43 years of age and I work as I nurse.Marianne Mariannes Detox

When I was 24 I fell in love and got married to a wonderful man who I´m still married to.  Unfortunately I could hardly sleep or eat, because of all the emotions and excitement of being in love and planning the marriage and after 5 months living on 8 large cups of coffee a day, I crashed.

This totally changed who I was at the time and I would not have been who I am today if it wasn´t for this life altering experience.  When you crash you have to change how you think and operate, because how you used to do things just doesn´t work anymore. Consequently I had to come to terms with a different “me”.  Also people around me, my family and friends, sometimes got hurt and had to come to grips with and accept the new “me”.

This was a very difficult time of my life that lasted for several years. I suffered from a lot of different symtoms and problems that affected my everyday life a great deal.  My biggest issue was a constant lack of sleep that came from some of my symtoms and also from the kind of working hours I had at the time.

Then after six years of marriage we had a little baby boy who we named Theodore. I tried so hard to make him sleep all night so that I would get enough sleep, but he was just not that kind of a baby! My sleep was a chatastrophy!

After a year he started to sleep a little bit better, but that´s when I started having even more symtoms than before, that just made it impossible to sleep and I never took the time to sleep during the day! Now we are getting into my real “dark ages”.  I´m a very stubborn woman so I simply endured and kept on going for the sake of my little boy.  Somehow I felt like I had no choice, because my husband was having, for a number of reasons, his personal breakdown.  The only reason our marriage survived those years was the fact that we had six solid, loving years behind us.

I´ve always been very interested in natural solutions to stay healthy and ever since those dark days of my life I´ve been searching the internet for natural remedies for both myself and my family.  I just got  fed up with doctors telling me there was nothing wrong with me, or that there was nothing they could do, or even worse, prescribing me medicines that gave me more problems than they would solve!

Today I feel I have a very good, alround knowledge of how to keep my family healthy without loosing all my money doing so!

Let me lead you through the jungle

I´ve spent a fortune on health products, you don´t need to do the same!  All you need to do is follow my steps and you will have success without getting ruined and without spending hours and hours searching the internet.  I´ve already done that for you!

To stay healthy in this world of physical and mental stress could very easily become a full time job, completely depleting your bank account at the same time.  There are thousands of different health products out there and they all claim to be good for you and most of them are.  But how could you possibly know what to buy and what not to buy?

I have bought and tried most products and I have settled for a few products that are the base of my “get well” and “stay healthy” regimen.  Those products are the ones you will find articles about on my website.  You are also able to buy them through my website, thus generating me a small income as an affiliate of those products.

Remember, I only recommend products I have tried myself and know to be good!

Reach your goals

The main purpose of my website is to spread my hard earned knowledge to anyone who wants a better life without getting ruined.

When you don´t have to struggle with low energy or different health issues you can focus on what you really think is important in your life.  You can start fulfilling your goals, whatever they are. You will be able to take care of your family with a smile on your face.  You will feel love and get love, because there´s nothing holding you back anymore.  Your bad health will have turned into great health and everyone will notice!

I wish you all the best on your journey to a better life,



For any questions email me at: marianne@mariannesdetox.com

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