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Most of us struggle with either losing weight or with keeping the weight we have. We want to feel good about ourselves, looking good in a bikini or want to look healthy. This does not necessarily mean we will end up having a healthy body. Skinny people are not always healthy and not all overweight people are unhealthy. This is all depending on what you actually put into your mouth and very much depending on how much physical and emotional stress you experience in life. If you feel a lot of stress your body will not work properly, beacause it will be in constant “flight” mode only thinking about immediate survival. This will take it´s toll on your body´s health in the long run. So if you want to lose weight and think detoxing will do the trick, what is the best way to go about it? What will be the best detox for weight loss? Measuring apple

Will detoxing work for weight loss?

Yes, it will work to some extent, because your body will get rid of toxins and so the bodily organs will find it easier to focus on weight loss. Your hormones will get in better balance and start to work in your favour instead of working against you. Your cravings will cease and so obviously you will ingest less calories and as a result you will lose weight. If you also follow a strict detox diet with mainly vegetables and herbal tea you will absolutely lose weight. But, there is a but.  This could be shortlived if you go back to an unhealthy diet again after the detoxing is finished. Therefor the best detox for weight loss is the one where you start off with a proper detoxing and then continue with a healthier diet than you had before. It will be much easier to stick to a healthy diet after a good detox. It will also be easier to start exercising regurlarly when you do not have as much bodily aches and pains anymore. So the overall benefits from the detox in itself will help you to lose weight in the long run. But no matter what, when you are done with detoxing you will find, for sure, that you will be slimmer even if it the scale does not show any lost pounds! How could this be? Most of us walk around with water in our bodies, water retention. This is mostly situated around the belly. So when you detox, guess what happens? You will lose inches around your waste and end up wearing one size smaller clothes. This is what happened to me!

The best detox product for losing weight Iherb Detox

I personally recommend that you support the bodys ability to get rid of the waste products stuck in your body. This is the product I love “Renew Life – Advanced cleanse smart” and you can find it here at iherb. It is a blend of different herbs that support each and every organ that has anything to do with detoxing your body. The herbs are easy to ingest, because you take them in capsules, two capsules in the evening before bedtime and two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach. The capsules in the morning contain totally different herbs than the evening capsules to support the organs properly. You will see and notice results, I promise you that.

The best detox diet for losing weight

Vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables, plus water and herbal teas. Eat and drink this as much as you like and you will certainly not be hungry. As I have already mentioned, I recommend that you do a combination of the product mentioned above and this diet based on vegetables. You will get the absolute best results if you do this. I especially recommend this if you feel or have many of the following symptoms: Variety Of Vegetables

  1. Fatigued and tired
  2. Bloated
  3. Low in energy
  4. Cravings (For whatever)
  5. Anxious (Feeling anxious at night or just general anxiousness that keeps you from doing things)
  6. Depressed (Cry easily or just feel low all the time)
  7. Unmotivated (Not wanting to do things you used to do or not wanting to do what you have to)
  8. Stressed (Getting stressed out over everyday things)
  9. Gassy
  10. PMS (This is hormonal balance and if you feel it is connected with the menstrual cycle it is called PMS)
  11. Hormonal imbalance (Both men and women could deal with this and could be uncontrolled anger and frustration or sudden sadness)
  12. Sleeping problems (Could be a number of things, such as taking two hours to fall asleep or waking up and not going back to sleep until two hours later)
  13. Muscle pain
  14. Joint pain
  15. Feeling ill/sick all the time

If you have many of these symptoms your body will not be able to get rid of the toxins on it´s own, it needs help. Also if you have these symptoms you will find that you need to take it slow. You will feel really ill the first few days. Also you should not take the capsules every day feeling like this. It will be too rough on your body. Make sure you listen to your body and take it all in a pace that you can cope with. Doing a detox when you are this toxicated will be hard, but you have to make sure you do it at your own pace! Maybe it will take several months! But the reward in the end is a better life with less cravings and a slimmer you! Olive Oil

The best detox for weight loss is:

So in conclusion the best detox for weight loss is when you start off with this great detox product mentioned above Advanced cleanse smart and stick to a 90% green plant based diet just adding 10% of fruit and nuts and olive oil. This will make your body crave less unhealthy foods in the long run making it a lot easier for you to continue eating mostly vegetables and fruit.  Now get going doing the best detox for weight loss and you will get both immediate results as well as results in the long run. The best of all is that you will be a healthier human being and that can not be bad!

Good Luck!//Marianne

2 thoughts on “Best Detox Weight Loss

  1. Interesting. I would love to start detoxing and was wondering how it goes together with my current dietary regime of Intermittent Fasting. Any ideas?

    • As far as I know you need to do 16 hours of fasting to get some real health benefits from this regime. When you do 16 hours of fasting there will be a natural detoxing effect in your body which is the reason why you get many health benefits from this. But to really boost the effect you may just stick to vegetables and fruit for the 8 hours of eating every now and then. This is what I do some days. But I am not strong enough to do it very often and I do not think you need to, as long as you keep the 16 hours of fasting as often as possible. Good luck!//Marianne

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