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How to renew my life and where to buy it

Today I´m thinking a lot about how to renew my life. Spring is on it´s way and spring always comes with a new awakening for me. I tend to have thousands of ideas in my head, but at the same time I do not always have the energy to realize them after the long, dark winter. So what do I do when I feel like that? Well, I turn to Renew Life products and in particular their different detox products. They do wonders for me and my family!

Personally I love Renew Life products because they truly deliver what they say. Their different detox products are a life changer for so many people around the world. They concentrate on quality and it shows! They are a company that has devoted themselves to optimizing peoples gut health by producing probiotics, fiber products and enzymes as well as detox and cleansing products. I love them!

Where do I buy my renew Life products?

I buy almost everything on iHerb, because I think they are a great company with worldwide delivery and excellent service. They have great promotions regularly and they really take care of their customers. They make me feel safe when purchasing from them and we all need that feeling when we buy stuff online, don´t we?

Spring time is my favourite time of the year, because it comes with promises of a new beginning. It comes with a feeling that everything and anything is possible no matter what. Just watch how delicate flowers can grow through hard concrete. their is so much strength in nature and we are all a part of nature. No matter how small and delicate we sometimes feel, we can still be strong and resilient whatever life puts on us. Have you ever thought about how resilient those spring buds need to be when snow falls on them and lovely spring temperatures suddenly drop to winter temperatures all in the same day?

We are resilient buds

Sometimes that´s exactly what happens to us in life. Most of us will find out that life is tough and that we need to be strong. But if we learn how to take full advantage of the good things life brings, we will be able to make the best out of the bad times in our lives.

When spring comes I think it is so much easier to do this. I go for walks every day and I soak in all the little changes that are happening from day to day. The flowers that suddenly appear as from nowhere. The leaves that burst out in that first, bright green colour as if shouting loud and clear: ” Everything is going to be alright!”. It is so comforting and makes me realise why they say hope is the last thing that leaves us. Whatever bad things happen to us, hope will be there to make us move forward and hopefully give us the strength to make the necessery changes in our lives for the better.

Detoxing for extra energy

This is why I am renewing my life with detoxing as often as I can, but in particular at spring time. This gives me the energy to do what I know I have to do. It is truly frustrating to know what you have to do, but not having the inner strength to do it!

I have been so lazy when it comes to eating a healthy vegan diet, although I know how good I feel when eating it. I blame it all on these long, dark winter days that comes with no comfort whatsoever. We all need comfort in some way and for me it always turns out to be carbohydrates and preferably sugar! Yes, I know that carbohydrates actually are vegan, but for me it is all about eating healthy, so when I eat vegan food, I eat vegetables and very little pasta and sugar.

Spring is comforting

But when spring comes it is suddenly easy again to eat healthy, so my conclusion is that it must be the comfort I am after. Now I can go outside and feel the comfort in nature instead of in my mouth. If I lived in Italy I would actually be a skinny Italian woman only eating healthy stuff all the time!

Jokes aside, it is not about being skinny, but being healthy. I think being skinny is a plus, but it should not come first. Skinny does not equal healthy.

I am now leaving you for this time. I hope you have found some encouragement in my thoughts today. Wish you all the best//Marianne

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